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Here Comes the Wedding Boom With David’s Bridal CEO Jim Marcum

In this episode, Jim Marcum, CEO of David’s Bridal, about how the company sold to brides during a year without weddings…

The Success of Body Positive Branding with Shapermint CBO Siobhán Lonergan

In this episode, we spoke with Siobhán Lonergan, chief brand officer at Shapermint, about the role body-positive branding…

Building an Open and Free Commerce Ecosystem with Google’s Bill Ready

In this episode, we spoke with Bill Ready, president of commerce and payments at Google…

Keeping Up In the Innovation Revolution | Jenny Oh and Shannon Ryan

In this episode, you’ll enjoy a sneak preview of the insights guests Jenny Oh and Shannon Ryan will share during Valtech’s annual Innova event, held Oct. 7-8.


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