RETHINK Retail's Solution Spotlight: Namogoo x Infosys Equinox
Shoptalk U.S. 2022 Solution Spotlight

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight: Namogoo x Infosys Equinox

RETHINK Retail’s Solution Spotlight shines a light on industry vendors and what makes them distinct.

This vendor spotlight is on Namogoo and Infosys Equinox.

Namogoo offers eCommerce brands a Digital Journey Continuity Platform that automatically compiles data on consumer behavior, website, product, device and environment so you can easily analyze each customer’s unique journey.

Infosys Equinox helps leading enterprises provide memorable and human-centric omnichannel shopping experiences with their end-to-end digital commerce platform.

To learn more about Namogoo, visit:

To learn more about Infosys Equinox, visit:



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Tal Rotman:

My name is Tal Rotman. I’m the VP of Partnerships and Alliances here at Namogoo.

Kunal Puri:

I’m Kunal Puri. I’m a Vice President and Head of Customer Success at Infosys Equinox.

Tal Rotman:

Namogoo is a company that provides a digital service for e-commerce retailers around the world.

Kunal Puri:

Infosys Equinox is a headless, cloud native microservices based commerce platform. What that means for brands and retailers is it allows them to engage with consumers whenever, wherever they want, irrespective of the channel of engagement.

Tal Rotman:

In this somewhat post COVID period, there’s a lot of change going on right now. A lot of the vendors have an experience that they’re really focused on the e-commerce channel, everybody is these days. And I think what we’re finding is that they’re trying to find ways to increase their conversion and their growth in that space. They had this massive spike during the earlier COVID phases and a lot of their management and the executive level have really come to expect those levels of growth to continue. And now we’re reaching some sort of plateau and they’re looking for ways to increase that and to ensure that their customer experiences as delivered.

Kunal Puri:

Brands and retailer partner with us, clients of us are increasing looking to engage the consumer where they already are in their daily digital jobs. We quickly realized as we started enabling these experiences that it’s not just enough for us as a partner to our brand and plan partners. We definitely want to enable those engagements, but given the significant investments that our brand and retailer partners are making in these platforms, in these approaches, it’s also important to be able to protect that engagement. It would be a criminal experience to enable for a brand to spend all the effort and the money and the time to engage a consumer on any of these new channels of engagement, whether it’s the metaverse, whether it’s a YouTube video, whether it’s within a gaming experience or conversational, and then to allow that experience to be hijacked by a complicator.

Tal Rotman:

What Namogoo does is we actually provide a solution that prevents this kind of hijacking of the user’s journey while they’re going through their buying experience. And today it’s become even more relevant in that Namogoo can actually deliver a one and a half to 5% increase in conversion. Namogoo can deliver that experience just by a single line of code and we prove it.

Kunal Puri:

There’s a massive opportunity out there, which will be very successful or very important for our clients and clients who we all work with for us to be able to bring a combined solution to the market, where we not only drive the growth and revenue that they see, but also protect the opportunity for additional growth, which is naturally sitting on the table waiting for us to be able to protect it.

Tal Rotman:

A lot of retailers pre COVID were very hesitant to use discounting to a large degree. And during COVID well, that changed, right? A lot of companies are addicted to these really heavy discounts. Namogoo’s intent based promotion solution can actually help them to kind of rehab from that discounting addiction and actually provide a discount when it’s needed provide the right incentive at the right time. The trust that emphasis has with the retail community has been instrumental in this collaboration. The other thing is they’ve got a great platform in Equinox and we’re building out this deeper integration that will make the two platforms be able to deliver the solution in a very clear and simple way. We’re delivering that capability on top of an existing e-commerce platform, right? We’re able to in a plug-in play method actually deliver something that can bring an incredible amount of value in a very short amount of time. We’re talking about hours in terms of deployment, really is the flip of a switch.


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