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The Electronics Supply Chain Has Short-Circuited:
A Tactical Guide to Navigating Supply Chain Disruption

Dig into the supply chain management challenges in 2022 and beyond.

With the electronics industry in turmoil from global supply chain disruption and increasing consumer demand, RETHINK Retail reports on the critical challenges confronting the sector in the new normal.

Download to get the scoop on:

  • How did the speed of electronics innovation push global supply chains into upheaval?
  • What lingering impacts did COVID-19 cause on factory production?
  • How is the global labor shortage complicating supply chain management?
  • Why did shipping pricing skyrocket in 2021 and what to expect in the new normal?
  • What can the retail industry do to mitigate current and future supply chain disruption?



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About the Report:

We investigate the essential questions on retailers’ minds about what the escalating difficulties in the electronics industry signal for the rest of us. This exclusive report, packed with insight from industry experts and thought leaders, takes a deep dive into the best practices for tackling today’s supply chain challenges and how to prevent disruption tomorrow.

Special thank you to the industry experts who provided RETHINK Retail with critical insights:

Jason Stuckey, General Manager at Linnworks; Jim Marcum, CEO of David’s Bridal; Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor; Shep Hyken, Customer Service & Experience Expert; Gary Newbury, Retail Supply Chain Strategist & Serial Transformation Executive; Rosemary Coates, Founder of the Reshoring Institute and President of Blue Silk Consulting.


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