Event Specials - RETHINK Retail

Event Specials

Retail Rundown: Big Grocery Special

Now a year into the COVID-19 crisis, the world has watched as the grocery industry continues to prove its resilience, most notably through the rollout and adoption of same-day pickup and delivery services

Retail Rundown – NRF Chapter One: Best in Tech

RETHINK Retail’s NRF: Chapter One Special: Featuring insights from Nedap Retail, Oracle, Quorso, and Reality Interactive

Retail Rundown – Feb 17, 2020 – Future Stores Miami Special

Ricardo Belmar, Jennifer Williams, Gene Lunger, Gustavo Romero and Jason McNary share their key takeaways from the 2020 Future Stores Miami retail conference.

Retail Rundown – Jan 20, 2020 – Retail’s Big Show Special

We hear from Tony D’Onofrio, Ricardo Belmar, Paul Lewis and Doug Stephens about their key takeaways from this year’s Big Show.


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