1:1 Interviews

How to Lead in the Effortless Economy

Join us as we discuss the role of experience for today’s e-commerce shopper, the challenges facing e-commerce retailers this holiday shopping season, and the key factors for consideration for retailers to manage their brand across multiple selling channels.

Creating a Best-in-Class E-Commerce Experience – with Coveo’s Brian McGlynn

Coveo’s Brian McGlynn reveals how every day retailers can compete with commerce giants like Amazon—and the tools they’ll need to do it.

Visual Merchandising For Modern Retailers

One Door CEO Tom Erskine and retail consultant and author Andrew Smith give us the skinny on the history of store merchandising, planograms, and why retailers need to modernize their visual merchandising strategies…

Nikki Kaufman, Co-Founder of CAMP

Nikki Kaufman shares her journey to co-founding CAMP, how the high-touch retailer pivoted during the pandemic with innovative digital experiences, and what’s next for this family-friendly company

Matt Alexander, Co-Founder and CEO of Neighborhood Goods

Matt Alexander shares his journey to co-founding Neighborhood Goods, his insights for DTC brands and what Neighborhood Goods is doing to help brands hard-hit by COVID-19

Charlie Chanaratsopon, Founder of Charming Charlie/ Co-Founder of Boosted Commerce

Charlie Chanaratsopon shares his journey as an entrepreneur, his insights for e-commerce merchants, and his key predictions for the future of digital real estate

Jeremy Brazeal, Creative Director at Reality Interactive

We explore how in-store touch technology thrived during a global pandemic. the ways consumers are changing, what retailers can do now to prepare them for the next 3-5 years, and what he thinks the ideal post-pandemic retailer…

João Diogo Falcão, Chief Technology Officer at AiFi

Hear how autonomous stores will transform the retail landscape and why, in the not-so-distant future, shopping brick-and-mortar will take less time than an episode on Netflix

Jesse Wragg, Co-Founder and Managing Director of eCommeleon

Hear how brands and retailers are approaching marketplaces, strategic insight for the now and predictions for the future of commerce

Jay Altschuler, VP of Media Transformation at Petco

Join us as Jay reveals how Petco had to rethink its brick-and-mortar strategy amid COVID-19, the retailer’s lean into social commerce, and Petco’s vision for transforming itself into a pet health and wellness company

Monica Arnaudo, CMO at Ulta Beauty

Join us as Monica reveals the significance of Ulta’s Conscious Beauty initiative, how Ulta has had to rethink product sampling in the wake of COVID-19, and the key trends that will redefine the beauty industry at-large

Beatrice Mac Cabe, CCO at Vera Bradley

Join us as Beatrice reveals what it was like working for major European fashion houses, how Vera Bradley maintains its iconic brand essence, and how the retailer is turning trash into treasure with innovative fabrics made from plastic bottles

Chris Silver, Global VP of Brand Technology at MAC Cosmetics

Join us as Chris reveals which COVID-induced shifts are reshaping the beauty sector, the emerging role of technology within beauty, and Chris’ predictions for the future of retail

Chris Melillo, SVP of Retail at Curaleaf

Join us as Chris shares insights from his 20+ years of experience in retail leadership and store operations, COVID-19’s impact on the cannabis industry, and how Curaleaf is rethinking the cannabis retail experience

Joshua Shabtai, Sr. Director of Ecosystem at Lowe’s Innovation Labs

Join us as we explore the culture that supports true innovation, the future of AR/VR, and how Lowe’s is transforming the way small businesses and professionals meet the needs of customers

Vinod Bidarkoppa, SVP of Technology at Sam’s Club

Join us as we explore how Sam’s Club rolled out its new Concierge Service in just six days, how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way Sam’s Club thinks about innovation, and the greatest challenges…

Ken Wincko, VP of Marketing at Barnes & Noble College

Join us as we explore how the sudden shift to distance learning has impacted BNC, what college life might look like in the fall, and some interesting findings about Gen-Z consumers and how to market to them.

Amit Shah, Chief Strategy Officer and US General Manager at VTEX

Join us as we explore retailing in the time of COVID-19, successful collaborative commerce initiatives, and key strategies retailers can take to improve their e-commerce operations

Carol Leaman, President and CEO of Axonify

Join us as we explore the importance of agile training, how to better communicate with your frontline workers and the benefits of gamified learning.

Carrie Tharp, VP of Retail & Consumer at Google Cloud

Join us as we explore Etsy’s migration to Google Cloud, the evolution of personalization and privacy, and what it’s like to transition from a legacy retail brand to a top 5 tech company.

Eric Toda, Co-Founder of Hill City

Join us as we explore the rise of challenger brands, the power of personalization, and why smart brands are taking social…

Steve Laughlin, Vice President and General Manager for the Global Consumer Industry at IBM

Join us as we explore brand transformation, the importance of micro-moments, and Steve’s key takeaways from IBM’s 2020 Consumer Report.

Author of “Reinventing Retail,” Ian Shepherd

Explore the purpose of stores in the new economy, why knowing your customer is key, and why retailers should never rest when it comes to innovating.

Champion Petfoods CIO, Jacob Pat

Explore the consumer shifts impacting the retail industry at large, the difference between millennial, Gen-Z and older consumers, and why in-store technology must be woven into the fabric of the experience.

Poshmark Chief Data Officer, Barkha Saxena

Explore how Poshmark built a community-driven social marketplace, the power of personalization and how the resale business model will lead the retail apparel sector toward a future of sustainable fashion.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring Advisor, David Berliner

We explore the consumer trends most influencing the retail landscape, why categories like apparel are closing stores while C-stores continue to cut ribbons, and David’s predictions for retail in 2020 and beyond

Head of Customer Research at Zappos, Alex Genov

We explore Zappos’ exceptional customer service culture, the power of transparency and trust, and why it’s imperative that retailers get to know their customers at an individual level.

CEO and Co-Founder of Metamorphosis Partners, Co-Founder of Pet Coach, Brock Weatherup

Join us as we explore subscription models and digital disruption within the pet industry, the evolving needs of American pet guardians, and the future of telemedicine for pets.

Author of “Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer,” Jim Roddy

Join us as we explore behavior-based interviewing and the key personality traits a hiring manager should look for in new talent, the shortcomings of AI-led hiring, and the importance of internal culture.

Host of Canada’s ‘The Voice of Retail’ podcast

Join us as we explore key differences between US and Canadian consumers, Canada’s recent influx of foreign luxury brands, and what the Canadian cannabis market looks like one year after legalization.

Investment Partner at Fung Capital

Join us as we explore the core differentiators in building a great D2C company, the importance of post-purchase management, and why Fung Capital made the switch from investing in retailers to investing in retail technologies.

Head of Insight and Analytics at the BRC

Explore the transformation of Britain’s High Street, the key KPI’s today’s retailers should be examining, and how a potential Brexit could impact Britain’s consumers

President at thredUP, Anthony Marino

Explore the future of sustainable fashion, thredUP’s latest brand partnerships, and what it’s like to work for Richard Branson

Retail Supply Chain Strategist, Gary Newbury

Explore why some retailers need to reimagine the backroom, hire a Chief Supply Chain Officer and get back to basics to optimize fundamental processes — not the latest SCM product.

Vice President of Operations at Draper James

Explore how Draper James provides quality and value by knowing its customers, and how learning to sew your own shirt at a manufacturing facility helps move the needle in future discussions with suppliers.

Co-Founder and President of b8ta

Explore the evolution of the store, the “Retail as a Service” business model and what we can expect from the new Toys “R” Us relaunch.

Vice President of Sourcing at Coach

Explore innovative sourcing strategies, sustainability, and how running logistical sourcing operations is like playing in orchestra.


Explore the history of the department store, the evolution of physical stores and why some of today’s most innovative brands are embracing the showroom concept.

The Retail Doctor

Explore the value of the store, its employees and why the most successful brands are focusing their attention on authentic floor training and branded experiences.

The North Face Global Head of Strategy

Explore how brands can drive emotional connectivity with consumers, retailers public stances on social and political issues, and The North Face’s innovation and sustainability initiatives

Retail Digital Transformation Thought Leader, Ricardo Belmar

Retailers’ best practices in technology investments, in-store customer experiences and initiatives to enhance data capabilities

Samsonite’s Global Chief eCommerce Officer & Tumi’s CDO, Charlie Cole

Listen to customer experiences for the new wave of travelers, localization for global brands, and relationship building and personalization tactics in ecommerce

The Fresh Market’s CEO, Larry Appel

Explore the fresh-focused specialty store’s distinct approach in the grocery space, shifting consumer behaviors, and tech’s role in the shopping experience

Wharton Professor & Co-founder of Theta Equity Partners, Peter Fader

Listen to insights into customer centricity, customer lifetime value, and customer-based corporate valuation

Cynthia Rowley’s President & CEO, Allie Egan

Learn about the retailer’s nomadic leasing strategy, community, and seamless consumer experiences

Retail Journalist, Analyst and Research Director, Miya Knights

Today’s retail environment and the driving forces revolutionizing it

Retail Prophet’s Founder & President, Doug Stephens

Global thought leader on the future of retail

RSR Research’s Managing Partner and top retail tech analyst, Paula Rosenblum

Explore retailers’ varying approaches to tech in physical spaces and consumer privacy

Consumer Retail C-Suite Executive and Consultant, Diane Ellis

Best practices in strategizing, personalizing and innovating customers’ in-store experiences

Indochino’s VP Design for Product & Store Development, Dean Handspiker

Standing out in the retail space & online-to-physical retail experiences

Retail Strategist & Advisor, Carl Boutet

The blurring of physical and digital commerce

Strategic Advisor, Keynote Speaker, and Top Forbes Contributor, Steve Dennis

Catalyzing retail brands from boring to remarkable

Speaker, Strategist and President of Spieckerman Retail, Carol Spieckerman

Explore diversification, the digital rethinking of physical retail, and how convenience is choice

Expert Panel Discussion: Walmart vs. Amazon

The heavyweight fight for the title of worldwide retail champion

U.S. Chair at The Talent Business, CMO of Fortune 500s, Lee Ann Daly

Each company has its specific recipe for success – and the right tools to make it all happen

EVP Retail for Valtech, Jean-Christophe Hermann

What do retailers need to have on their radar this year?

Editor of STORES Media and NRF’s Vice President of Education Strategy, Susan Reda

Discussion topics include retail, e-commerce and the consumer of the future

Business Transformation Expert, Author and Public Speaker, Daniel Burrus

Learn how anticipatory organizations stay ahead of the curve in a fast-paced business world

Forbes Contributor and Retail Practice Lead at Chameleon Collective, Veronika Sonsev

Explore how consumers are reinventing retail expectations


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